President of Paul Lynde Fan Club Not Okay With Gays

While President Barack Obama may have recently come out in favor of gay marriage, President Jeremy Murphy is not okay with homosexuals “in any way, shape, or form.”

Jeremy Murphy, President of the Paul Lynde Fan Club

“It’s not natural,” explains Murphy. “Men should be with women and women should be with men. End of story.”

Mr. Murphy was appointed President of the Paul Lynde Fan Club last October when he submitted an 800 word essay to the governing board of the fan club about why he deserved to be President. In his essay, Murphy wrote:

I really just love Paul Lynde. I always have. Ever since I was a little boy watching Bewitched. There was just something inside of me and I knew that I was born to be a fan of this actor.

Paul Lynde (right) on the set of “Bewitched”

But because of President Obama’s recent statement regarding the subject, President Murphy felt obligated to separate himself on the issue of gay rights. “No man should love another man, and no woman another woman,” said Murphy in a statement to the fan club’s nearly three dozen members. “People are not born this way. It is my belief that television of today is making our youth turn gay. Back in Paul Lynde’s era there weren’t homosexuals in the entertainment industry. I will not, and cannot, endorse such behavior.”Mr. Murphy has been endorsed by the Presidents of the Rock Hudson, Rip Taylor, and Charles Nelson Reilly fan clubs.

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